The future is here at Crying Coyote Farm! We are preparing several young Warmbloods for future sport careers. Selected for their impressive pedigrees and natural athleticism, these fillies and colts are sure to be future stars. Although not currently being marketed for sale, if you are in the market for a young horse, we hope you will consider these outstanding youngsters. All are registered Warmbloods who have been maintained as show horses since birth.  Contact Us for more information on these foals and yearlings.



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Queso Grande

Born: 2/20/2016

Breed: Belgian/BWP Colt

Estimated mature height: 17hh

Sire: Domino (BWP) - 17hh

Dam: Omnificent (OLD) - 17hh

Queso Grande, "Cheese" is a substantial colt in both size and personality. Bred for athleticism and temperament, Cheese has all the physical attributes desired in a top jumper and a temperament suitable for an amateur or even child. At just a year old, Cheese is the best tempered and most trainable colt we've ever handled.  

Luna Fortuna

Born: 3/11/2016

Breed: Dutch/KWPN Filly

Estimated mature height: 17+hh

Sire: Valentino (KWPN) - 17hh

Dam: Palin - 16hh

Luna Fortuna, "Luna" is an elegant, long-legged beauty with a natural grace. This correct filly was rated First Premium at inspection and would excel in Hunter Breeding. Brave, independent and athletic, we foresee a bright future for Luna over fences and are excited to see this talented filly to develop.

Rezilient C

Born: 4/30/2017

Breed: Belgian/BWP Filly

Estimated mature height: 16.3hh

Sire: Jonkheer Z (BWP) - 17.1hh

Dam: Palin - 16hh

Rezilient C, "Reez" is a beautiful filly that inherited her Dam's looks and sensibility and her sire's friendly temperament and athleticism. Happily jumping around her paddock with auto changes and impressive suspension, Reez is certain to be a phenom in any discipline but shows a real propencity for over-fence work. 

2018 Breedings - Foals Available For Sale In Utero

2018 Belgian Warmblood Foal

Estimate DOB: 2/27/2018

Sire: Cielo B (BWP) - 16.3hh

Dam: Omnificent (OLD) - 17hh

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SIRE: Cielo B - BWP

DAM: Omnificent - OLD


2018 Half Welsh Foal

Estimate DOB: 3/2/2018

Sire: Cherubs Casanova (Welsh) - 11.2hh

Dam: Fancy (POA) - 14.2hh

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SIRE: Cherubs Casanova - WPCSA

DAM: Fancy - POA


2018 Oldenburg Foal

Estimate DOB: 3/2/2018

Sire: Cherubs Casanova (Welsh) - 11.2hh

Dam: Truchard (OLD) - 16.3hh


SIRE: Cherubs Casanova - WPCSA

DAM: Truchard - OLD